Sole Proprietor EIN

Apply For A Sole Proprietor EIN Online

If you are a sole proprietor who would like to apply for an EIN online, click the button on the right hand side. The online EIN application is extremely simple and should only take you five (5) minutes to complete.

If you are unsure if you should apply for an EIN online as a sole proprietor, read the following description below to get a better idea.

Apply as a Sole Proprietor for an EIN online if:

  • You own the company alone;
  • You operate as a self employed person or an independent contractor;
  • Your company is not incorporated nor registered with the state's secretary of state as a limited liability company ("LLC");
  • Your own personal assets, including assets not used for business purposes are exposed to business risk;
  • You may (or may not) have employees working for you; and
  • You report your business income and expenses on your individual federal tax return.

NOTE: As a sole proprietor, you may only have one (1) employer identification number, no matter how many businesses you own as a sole proprietor. All your businesses must use the same EIN number.