About Us

Our Federal ID Number Company

We are a dynamic company specializing in obtaining EIN numbers for local and foreign entities with businesses operating in the United States. We work hard for our clients to provide them with a simple & hassle-free process in applying for their IRS tax number.

It is our dedication to providing the highest quality of professional service to our clients which had lead us to our past successes. This same dedication is the key to our future success. Thus, you will only experience first class customer service when you are our client.

Our IRS Tax Number Specialists

We are IRS authorized Certifying Acceptance Agents, who represent taxpayers in helping them to acquire their employer identification numbers ("EIN") and Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers ("ITIN") from the Internal Revenue Service.

We are experts in our chosen field, and have helped thousands of local and international taxpayers and entities acquire their IRS tax number.

Our Advantages For Applicants Applying For EIN Numbers

We know that you have options. By choosing to use our federal ID number application service, you can expect to receive:

Employer Identification Number Checklist     Customer focused service;

Employer Identification Number Checklist     Step by step guidance;

Employer Identification Number Checklist     Simple & easy to understand online EIN application forms;

Employer Identification Number Checklist     A free EIN eligibility interview;

Employer Identification Number Checklist     Certifying Acceptance Agents ensuring your forms are filed correctly;

Employer Identification Number Checklist     Your EIN in one (1) business day; and

Employer Identification Number Checklist     Our No EIN No Fee Guarantee!

Our Greatest Advantage For International Applicants: As IRS authorized Certifying Acceptance Agents, we can bypass the ITIN requirement! There is no longer the need to wait 6 - 10 weeks to acquire an ITIN, not to mention the headache, time, and expense of trying to get your identification documents certified by its respective agency, or submitting your original documents (i.e., passport) to the IRS, where they hold it for weeks to months.  We can usually obtain an EIN for our international applicants in 4-5 business days.

Apply online for your EIN federal ID number, and get an EIN in one (1) business day!